Pablo Escobar's brother sues Apple for $2.6B, alleges 'lax' iPhone security

Yolanda Curtis
May 29, 2020

Remember drug lord Pablo Escobar?

When you're trying to market a new smartphone product is it more cost-effective to hire a public relations firm, or sue Apple for $2.6 billion? Well, his brother Roberto Escobar is suing Apple for sloppy security measures on iPhones.

Roberto purchased the phone in April 2018, he said, though it was only less than a year later that he found out that his phone security and his personal security were at risk.

Roberto Escobar says that he was advised about the iPhone's security by an Apple support employee.

Apparently, Escobar had received "several assassination attempts on his life before buying the iPhone X, and only bought the phone because he'd been assured his info would be safe from hackers".

Roberto said that he discovered this information after he looked into the matter with his own resources to discover that his phone was hacked over FaceTime.

In the docs, Pablo's bro says he had to relocate for his safety, and lost a ton of money beefing up his security. not to mention the emotional distress he says he suffered as a result of the security breach.

Roberto just launched a limited edition gold-plated iPhone 11 Pro 256GB, which his Escobar Inc company is hawking for $499.

It is not the first time the older Escobar brother - once head accountant for his brother's Medellin cartel - has been in the headlines with links to smartphones. At that time, he also announced that his lawyers were preparing a $30bn class-action lawsuit against Apple, who he accused of being "scammers" who were "cheating the people and selling worthless phones". Rest In Peace Apple, Pablo always wins. Seems a bit harsh.

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