Oculus Quest Users Have Spent Over $100M on Content

Yolanda Curtis
May 22, 2020

All the adventures and experiences of virtual reality without all the messy cables tripping everyone up, the Quest is arguably the best VR platform you could invest in. We certainly thought so when we got our hands on it at the end of a year ago, impressed with the power and variety encased in a shell that didn't feel like taping an anvil to your face.

Your first chance to go controller-free with the Oculus Quest will come in the form of playing Waltz of the Wizard, Elixir and The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, or watching Gloomy Eyes and The Line. It's merely a software update that allows the inside-out tracking cameras to monitor the movement of your fingers instead of the controllers.

Oculus is also rolling out an update of the Guardian boundary system this week. Oculus is now adding a Playspace Scan feature to the system which automatically identify the real-world objects in the space that could trigger the Guardian warnings.

Tomorrow, Facebook's Oculus division rings in the one-year anniversary of launching Quest, its standalone headset, and the Rift S, its PC-powered gaming headset.

The world of gaming has evolved so much in only two to three decades that you can nearly confuse it with reality. Details are but to be finalized, however two such apps will embody Immersed and Spatial.

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Back in late 2019 Oculus announced the Quest was going to get headset was going to get hand-tracking capabilities.

Over 20 games have generated more than $1 million in revenue on Quest alone, and 10 titles have brought in over $2 million on Quest. The headset was out of stock on Oculus's storefront until yesterday.

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