NY eases ban on meetings

Henrietta Brewer
May 23, 2020

New Yorkers experiencing cabin fever after two months of coronavirus quarantine were offered an unexpected reprieve when Gov. Andrew Cuomo eased the state's ban on gatherings in time for the Memorial Day weekend. "Whether passed as legislation or enacted as an executive order-it is all irrelevant when we are working together for the greater good". The right to protest and exercise free speech is the foundation of all our other liberties, and during a crisis is exactly when we need to be most vigilant about protecting it, ' Legal Director and lead attorney on the case, Christopher Dunn, said in a statement.

Hundreds of police officers and civilian city workers will be on hand to disperse gatherings that violate social distancing rules and to hand out masks to people who aren't wearing them, he said.

'New Yorkers have met this crisis with solidarity and resilience, and placed huge trust in the government to exercise its authority and keep them safe. "We are New York" by Skyline99 Studios. Those were issued in an order on Thursday.

Governor Andrew Cuomo and health officials announced Saturday that the hardest hit state in the country recorded 84 daily deaths tied to the coronavirus as of May 22, marking the first fall below 100 daily deaths since the pandemic began in March.

NY regions need to tick all seven boxes in order to enter phase one of the state's four-phase reopening plan.

While beaches elsewhere in the region will be open for swimming, Mayor Bill de Blasio has said swimming is not allowed at the city's beaches and may not be all summer.

Per Cuomo's demands, the city requires to maintain 30 percent of its ICU beds as well as 30 percent of its healthcare facility beds complimentary.

NY is taking a new approach to encourage mask-wearing in the city.

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