Meet Biscuits and Gravy: Oregon kitten born with two faces

Cheryl Sanders
May 24, 2020

CBS News reported Kyla King of OR discovered four newborn kittens in her farm cat's litter Wednesday.

Given the southern roots of the OR culinary experience, it is adorably ideal that the family chose to call the dual-faced kitten Biscuits and Gravy (OR Biscuits for short). It has four eyes, two noses and two mouths. The kitten has two mouths, two noses and four eyes.

The King family's post on Facebook quickly took off, making rounds on the social platform and gathering thousands of views and comments.

All she could do was make it comfortable and help it eat.

What's more, she's not by any means the only one - various individuals have been indicating their enthusiasm for Biscuits and requesting to purchase/embrace the little cat off her. The unique kitten has a special talent: it can meow and eat at the same time.

"It doesn't really know how to nurse properly because it has two mouths so I've been trying to feed it,"mum Kyla told KOIN". "I'm gonna do the best I can, but these animals don't usually live too long".

While King isn't holding out an excessive amount of expectation, as the situation is anything but favourable for the little cat, she says Biscuits has been howling, has a hunger and appears to be very lively.

The King family reported that their unusual looking kitten seems to be doing well.

It's believed that the kitten has a birth defect known as diprosopus, a rare condition that causes the duplication of heads.

But the longest surviving Janus cat was a male named Frank and Louie, who lived for 15 years, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

After posting photos of the adorable Biscuit and Gravy on their local community page, the King family went viral, which is understandable when you've got a two-faced cat.

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