Kendrick Perkins explained how Paul Pierce's snub of LeBron James was 'personal'

Ross Houston
May 22, 2020

So if you're upset about Pierce's top five, don't worry.

Pierce definitely has a point - that is one thing that LeBron James can not take credit for. James, not knowing how long the lockout would last, said he started training to play football.

The former Boston Celtics star ranked Michael Jordan as his all-time No. 1, followed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Russell with Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant rounding out the five.

The combination of the release of "The Last Dance' and the fact that we don't have sports on the schedule has left National Basketball Association talking heads with little else to do than argue over who is the GOAT - but according to Pierce, James isn't in the conversation because he didn't "help build" a great organization". James was selected to the first team all-state as a sophomore and he posted 16 touchdown receptions as a junior. "After the game, both teams were meeting in the back". "Then he went to the Lakers, where a tradition has already been made, and we don't know, that's still to be continued".

So, while James being left out of Pierce's personal top-five-players-of-all-time list might have been a surprise to some fans, it surely did not come as a surprise to the three-time champ. That's to be continued.

There's just no denying that James has always needed some extra superstar-level help to get over the hump as a champion.

Especially knowing how volatile the relationship between the two has been. After years of being tormented by the C's - the kings of the conference at the time.

We have to be honest no one thinks a team with Michael Jordan and Lebron James is losing pick up games to anyone in the world no matter how old either of them is at the time.

Paul Pierce fired off a take created to incite anger, so it must be a day that ends in "Y".

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