International Arrivals To Self-Isolate For 14 Days Or Risk £1,000 Fine

Cheryl Sanders
May 23, 2020

A short list of exemptions includes lorry drivers, medical workers fighting Covid-19, certain officials and people coming from Ireland (due to the UK-Ireland common travel area).

The Home Secretary Priti Patel is expected to announce plans to quarantine worldwide travellers for 14 days as she leads the daily government Covid-19 briefing. A breach of self-isolation would be punishable with a £1,000 fixed penalty notice in England or potential prosecution and unlimited fine.

The UK government is set to unveil tough new procedures later on Friday for worldwide travellers coming into the country as the coronavirus pandemic lockdown is gradually eased, including 14-day mandatory quarantines and possible fines for a breach.

All worldwide arrivals, including returning Britons, will have to self-isolate and provide details of where they will be staying under the plans, which were criticised by airlines, business groups and politicians alike.

France said it would impose reciprocal measures for any European country enforcing a quarantine.

The Home Office said the new policy will be in place across the United Kingdom, although how it is enforced in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be determined by the devolved administrations.

Spanish passengers arriving in France will be asked to quarantine for two weeks from Monday, it added.

Ms Patel said the Home Office was bringing in the measure at the stage in the outbreak when it will be most effective.

Ministers were continuing to consider forging so-called air bridges with other nations that have low transmission rates in order to allow some worldwide travel.

"We are not shutting down completely".

He said: "As long as the quarantine is in place then nobody is going to be flying any more than we have today, which is only about 5,000 passengers daily, when normally we would expect at this time of year almost a quarter of a million passengers".

They should not go out to buy food or other essentials where they can rely on others.

There will be a fine of £100 for failure to complete the form, and the Border Force will have the power to refuse entry to non-UK citizens who do not comply with the new regulations.

But the measure was not extended to travellers from every country.

The new measure, previously announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, will be reviewed every three weeks once it is introduced.

The reason given for the measure is that as the transmission rate in the UK falls and the number of travellers arriving in the UK begins to increase in the coming months, imported cases may pose a larger threat as they could become a higher proportion of the overall number of infections in the UK and so increase the spread of the disease.

This comes just hours after British authorities announced exactly the same measure in a bid to prevent a second wave of Covid-19.

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