How Xbox 360 games will run on the Xbox Series X

Yolanda Curtis
May 30, 2020

Xbox Series X will help any and all games to run at their maximum resolution and at their target frame rate, and if the game is installed to the NVME SSD, load much quicker as well.

One reason for all this is a feature the Xbox Advanced Technology Group added to the platform that implements HDR (high dynamic range) in older titles. The very same team who created new innovative ways to preserve and enhance your existing catalog of games on Xbox One is the same team pushing the envelope again with Xbox Series X. This means that games that previously couldn't hit their framerate or resolution targets on older hardware now may perform significantly better on Series X. Some console games are programmed with a framerate cap, so titles capped at 30 won't suddenly be able to hit 60, but games like Darksiders 3 (off the top of my head) that really struggled to hit 30 should be able to use the power of next-gen to make up the difference.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently appeared on the Talking Games With Reggie And Harold podcast, and was questioned about whether things were on track with the Xbox Series X. "Backwards compatible games run natively on the Xbox Series X hardware, running with the full power of the CPU, GPU and the SSD", said Jason Ronald, Partner Director of Program Management for the Xbox Platform Team at Microsoft.

The same team that worked on bringing more than 500 Xbox 360 games, and many original Xbox titles, to the Xbox One are working on backwards compatibility for the Xbox Series X. According to the blog post the team has gone through over 100,000 hours of play testing already.

Not only will we be able to enjoy thousands of backwards-compatible games on the Xbox Series X from launch, but these games will apparently play better than ever before. He adds that numerous team members use the Series X as their primary console "and switching between generations is seamless".

Spencer also mentioned that "take-home kits" for the Xbox Series X testing are out in the wild with engineers. $299 at Microsoft A great couple of games to choose from with these Xbox One bundle deals at Microsoft for racing or shooter fans. The Xbox Series X will deliver a HDR reconstruction technique which will automatically add HDR support to games - without impacting performance.

In addition, the Xbox Series X's Quick Resume feature will also be compatible with backwards-compatible games, allowing players to essentially jump into games instantly, picking up where they left off, or to jump between games seamlessly. "I think on the games side, things that are pre-content complete might be impacted more than things that are post-content complete".

For most of us though, we want to see higher frame rates for our older, capped games.

Furthermore, Spencer reiterated that the development of games for the Xbox Series X is "making progress".

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