Hear Lady Gaga's new 'Sour Candy' dance track with BLACKPINK

Carla Harmon
May 29, 2020

Lady Gaga has released, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated songs, "Sour Candy' with Blackpink" from her forthcoming album "Chromatica".

Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK surprised fans with the early release of their new song titled Sour Candy and we can't stop gushing over it.

"Sour Candy" is the third track to arrive off the Grammy-winning artist's new LP, Chromatica, dropping at midnight (May 29). Gaga takes over not before long in the refrain, singing, "I'm hard on the outside/ But if you give me time/ Then I could make time for your love".

According to the Japanese entertainment website TV Groove, Gaga and Blackpink's collaboration manifested after following each other's music over the years.

The unexpected treat dropped on Thursday morning and comes in the form of a brand-new single called Sour Candy, which also features the world-renowned all-female K-pop quartet Blackpink.

"I'll keep on looking for Wonderland", Gaga sings in "Alice", which carries echoes of Crystal Waters' 1991 dance staple "Gypsy Woman"; "911", with a lyric regarding mood-stabilizing drugs, has the singer processing her voice with an android-like effect. Gaga assures her partner that, even if they can't crack her hard shell, at least she's keeping it real with them. "I wanted to celebrate them because I love powerful women like them and they also wanted to celebrate me".

Gaga took her love for the girl group even deeper by saying: "They are attractive young women, really talented, and I am proud to the fifth member of Blackpink".

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