Google plans to reopen some offices in July

Yolanda Curtis
May 27, 2020

To help Googlers adapt to the different needs of a home office, the company will allocate $1,000 in expenses to help employees buy furniture and home office equipment.

"Because we still expect that most Googlers will be largely working from home for the rest of this year, we'll be giving each Googler an allowance of $1,000 Dollars, or the equivalent value in your country, to expense necessary equipment and office furniture", says Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, in an email sent to all Google employees.

Provided all goes well, the return will start on July 6th with necessary employees showing up on a "rotating basis" with about 10 percent capacity. Regarding the same, the company's chief Sundar Pichai has explained in a blog post that Google is acclimatizing with this new workflow and is chalking out plans for the future, one of which involves giving $1,000 as an allowance to employees working from home.

According to Pichai, there are a limited number of Googlers whose roles are needed back in office this calendar year.

Even as some tech companies are telling employees they'll be able to work from home "forever", others are already planning to have a portion of their workforces back on site as early as this summer.

Those who need to come in will be notified by June 10.

Pichai told those who had asked whether it was acceptable to relocate to another place to be closer to family while working from home that the choice was up to their managers.

"We are taking slow, deliberate steps to begin re-opening offices in areas where they still remain largely closed". "Moving ahead, we are looking to develop more overall flexibility in how we work".

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