First mobile Nintendo 3DS emulator- Citra now on Android

Yolanda Curtis
May 25, 2020

The emulator has even been able to replicate 3DS features like camera and mic support, along with motion controls.

So here it is, Citra's official Android app to emulate Nintendo 3DS games, released on Playstore for free. This emulator is Citra. The team has provided complete documentation of the development process which describes how the unofficial ports impacted this officially released version. The upcoming app features amiibo support, motion controls, microphone, and camera support. This includes trying their hands-on android unofficial ports, buying domains, and what not!

That said, we won't be providing any link to the emulator itself. An Android version is featured more than before.

The official version of Citra makes a huge leap in performance and stability, something that the first unofficial versions hobbled over, despite improving over time.

Can my phone run Citra 3DS? And there was one available; however, it was quite unstable at the beginning.

Now the question that remains to be answered by users is how many smartphones can run the 3DS emulation.

According to a source, Mario Kart 7 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf was tried on OnePlus 8 Pro and seems to work fine. Of course, owners of gaming phones can also run the app with excellent graphics and a 60fps rate. A smartphone with a Snapdragon of 835 or higher is also recommended to function well with the emulator.

We all know that Nintendo is not a fan of the emulation community, especially if it's anything involving the circulation of ROMs/ISOs. Moreover, performance will be heavily dependant on the device's GPU drivers, and Qualcomm devices should run Citra better than Kirin, Exynos, or MediaTek chipsets. It would be unbelievable to see some cheap gaming phones running 3DS games.

But with some performance issues and other problems and issues.

Further, it should be running at least 64-bit Android 8 (Oreo) and support OpenGL ES 3.2. There is a $4.99 in-app purchase to unlock premium features that, for now, include a dark mode theme and a texture filtering option that increases the fidelity of the graphics.

The Citra team on its Patreon page gave credit to the hard work and dedication of a large number of contributors who worked on the project.

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