Cyprus to Pay Lodging, Expenses for Tourists Who Contract COVID-19

Cheryl Sanders
May 30, 2020

Tourists will also have to fill out a "COVID-19 Traveler Declaration" stating all their travels 14 days prior to their Cyprus trip and that they have neither shown any coronavirus symptoms for 72 hours before departure nor that they have been in contact with infected people 14 days before.

As per the latest news reports, the Cypriot government will cover all food, lodging, and medicine expenses of visitors who contract the virus as well as their families.

A 500-room "quarantine hotel" will also be available for patients´ family members.

The letter, signed by Cyprus' worldwide affairs, transport and tourism ministers, boasts that the nation has one of many lowest coronavirus ratios per capita in Europe after having examined greater than 10% of its inhabitants.

Worldwide air journey to Cyprus begins June 9, initially from 19 global locations, with passengers required to endure a COVID-19 take a look at three days previous to departure.

Cyprus will reopen its airports on June 9 as it gradually lifts restrictions imposed to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Tourism accounts for 13% of the island's economy, and it could lose up to 70% of that revenue this year. Local authorities said that due to the high infection and death rates in the kingdom, British tourists will not be able to enter the island in the near future despite making up the highest percentage of visitors.

Officials will administer temperature checks and free random testing of arrivals. Mr Perdios reportedly said the United Kingdom and Russian Federation - which together account for more than half of all holiday-goers on Cyprus - will likely be allowed to travel to the Mediterranean island in July.

"The hit is massive, and we are trying to do our best now and do what we can for the remainder of the season", Savvas Perdios, said deputy tourism minister. "We have worked extremely hard to keep the virus in check here".

Other measures implemented to ensure tourist safety include the regular disinfection of sunbeds, also kept two metres apart for those from different travel groups.

While in Cyprus, people who aren't in the same group must remain at least least two square meters apart when outdoors and three square meters apart when inside, officials added.

Hotel staff have been told they must wear facemasks and disinfect every room after guests depart. At eating places, bars, cafes and pubs, tables might be at the least two meters (6.5 toes) aside with a most social gathering measurement of 10.

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