COVID-19: We've reached out to Madagascar for herbal cure - Oppong Nkrumah

Henrietta Brewer
May 22, 2020

The two men mentioned the famous Covid Organics, the Malagasy herbal tea that is supposed to fight Covid-19.

The WHO had for long criticised Madagascar for promoting the herbal remedy and distributing it to African countries.

"We insist that the COVID-ORGANIC CVO from Madagascar, was a brotherly gift from one nation to some African countries". "They want to slow us down, discourage us, forbid us to move forward ..." he stressed.

Earlier this month Ghanaian officials had said Madagascar's touted Covid-19 herbal remedy would not be allowed onto the country's market for use just yet.

"We had 171 cases, of which 105 were cured and the majority of these patients who were cured took only the product Covid-Organics", Rajoelina said in the interview.

"We are considering it [the herbal cure]. There is no published study and what we would say is that we will need more evidence", Darko said.

"We have asked that it [should] be made available to us and like all drugs, it will be tested by FDA and in this case by the Center for Plant Medicine and if proven efficacious, we can recommend its use".

"We discussed how to work together on therapeutics research and development".

The WHO boss tweeted that he had a good call with Rajoelina about the COVID-19 situation in his country.

"We welcome this news, at least it's coming from Africa which means that we are beginning to believe in what we have as a people and would help us to push harder for approval of our proposed local medicines to treat the novel corona virus".

President Rajoelina had described as condescending the criticisms against the drug.

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