China to Retaliate if UK Eases Path to British Citizenship for Hongkongers

Yolanda Curtis
May 29, 2020

They condemned the recent months of violence in Hong Kong, as well as the US continued interference into China's domestic legislation.

The vote empowered the standing committee to draft legislation to punish "secession, subversion of state power, terrorism and acts that endanger national security in Hong Kong".

Full details about exactly what behaviour will be outlawed under the new security law are not yet clear.

"One week has passed, HSBC still hasn't expressed their stance on the national security legislation", Leung, Hong Kong's chief executive from 2012-2017, wrote in a Facebook post.

What Chinese crackdown means for Hong Kong's autonomy

Over two million people in Hong Kong particiapting in the June 16, 2019 protest against the extradition bill to China.

Spreadex analyst Connor Campbell said: "With China's parliament rubber-stamping the new national security laws set to be imposed on Hong Kong, sending armed police to swarm the streets of the administrative region in an attempt to combat pro-democracy protests, Donald Trump has promised to hold a press conference this Friday".

These freedoms make Hong Kong unique from Mainland Chinese cities, and have allowed it to become an global financial capital.

Opponents view the new proposed law as a further threat to the special status of the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

He fled to self-ruled, democratic Taiwan past year after the Hong Kong government announced a now-scrapped proposal to allow extraditions to China, and re-opened his bookshop there last month.

Nick Schifrin reports on the reaction from Hong Kong and Washington, D.C.

Their statement added: "The world's focus on a global pandemic requires enhanced trust in governments and worldwide cooperation. We're going to welcome Hong Kong people into the United States. you're going to have brain drain and capital flight". This migration pattern, of course, also occurred in the years leading up to the handover, especially after the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

The foreign minister's comments follow a statement from his United Kingdom counterpart Dominic Raab who suggested that Britain may seek to relax residency directives for people in Hong Kong who hold of "British National Overseas" (BNO) passports.

Asked by reporters why the European Union did not join a joint statement by the US, UK, Australia and Canada criticizing China over the Hong Kong legislation, Borrell said the European Union "has its own statements".

Borrell said he did not see the developments in Hong Kong as endangering the planned EU-China summit in Leipzig in September.

Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen said her country will develop a streamlined settlement plan for Hong Kong citizens fleeing Mainland Chinese rule.

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