But Voted by Mail 11 Times in 10 Years

Cheryl Sanders
May 28, 2020

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany held a coronavirus briefing on May 28.

McEnany attempted to explained her own record in a similar fashion, telling The Times in a statement that "absentee voting has the word absent in it for a reason".

"Well first I would say I disagree with all, if not nearly all, of those assertions that you're making there, because look if you're going to get into the fact-checking business, there's no one that should be fact-checked more than the mainstream media", McEnany said, and gave several examples, from 2017 and 2018, of reporting that turned out not to be accurate.

Florida, however, does not agree with McEnany's assertions, at least based on that state's allowance of any individual to request a mail-in ballot without having to provide an excuse to do so. Most recently, she voted by mail in the state's March 2020 presidential primary, just as Trump did after he made Florida his new permanent home.

The decision is sure to prompt criticism from Democrats that President Donald Trump, facing hard reelection prospects, wants to avoid putting his administration's imprint on bad economic news in the months before the November 3 vote.

She instead insisted the tweets were actually "meant to alert" federal officials about White House "concerns" over "potential" fraud. It led a reporter to remind the president of an inconvenient detail: he voted by mail in the most recent election cycle. It is unclear whether McEnany knew about these concerns before she cast 11 mail-in ballots.

The Trump team's economic projections, like those from earlier administrations, have tended to be overly optimistic, and the White House has not shown much interest in put in place its annual budgets, which have called for spending cuts unpopular even among its allies on Capitol Hill. He added that people would rob mailboxes, forge ballots and illegally print out and fraudulent sign them.

"With regard to the president doing a mail-in vote, the president is after all the president, which means he is here in Washington", she said last week. President Trump is against the Democrat plan to politicize the coronavirus and expand mass mail-in voting without a reason, which has a high propensity for voter fraud.

McEnany is a Florida resident, as is Trump.

When confronted with the fact that he was among Florida's absentee voting participants, Trump said it was okay for him to do because he lived far away.

Except, it's not just Democratic officials who advocate allowing Americans to vote by mail - even the CDC has touted the public-health benefits of postal balloting - and making it easier for the electorate to participate in their own electoral system is not what "politicization" means. "This is a simple distinction that the media fails to grasp".

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