AstraZeneca could make 100 million doses if Oxford virus vaccine works

Henrietta Brewer
May 22, 2020

"If this represents infectious virus and a similar thing occurs in humans, then vaccinated people can still be infected, shed large amounts of virus which could potentially spread to others in the community", the molecular virologist included. Experts warn that it remains to be seen if the vaccine is effective in humans.

"This means that if the vaccine is successful, AstraZeneca will work to make 30 million doses available by September for the United Kingdom as part of an agreement for over 100 million doses in total".

The UK's biggest COVID-19 vaccine project, now being tested by the University of Oxford, has shown some promising results in a small study with monkeys. "It may be longer than any of us would want to think".

"I recognise what we are now asking is more complex than simply staying at home - but this is a complex problem and we need to trust in the good sense of the British people".

He added that with the disease on the wane, there is a risk there may not be enough active disease to catch people.

The new funding took government funding of vaccine development to $460 million, said Mr Sharma.

"This not going to be an expensive vaccine", Hill told Reuters in an interview.

"We've been discussing that a vaccine - if it works - will be widely available next year at the earliest".

When the monkeys were exposed to the new coronavirus, the vaccine appeared to prevent damage to the lungs and kept the virus from making copies of itself there, although it was still actively replicating in the nose.

However, the Government's chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance gave a more optimistic appraisal, saying he would be "surprised" if a vaccine wasn't found.

Precision Vaccinations published SARS-CoV-2 vaccine development news.

"The UK continues to lead the global response to find a vaccine, and the government is backing our scientists to do this as quickly as possible", Sharma underscored.

"Indeed, in a worst-case scenario, we may never find a vaccine". In the USA, 67 per cent of respondents in a recent survey said that the presence of an available vaccine would encourage them to watch live shows again.

But there is some benefit comes out of it as after first reports last week recommended the vaccine offered some immunity against the virus and stopped it growing deep into the lungs, where it becomes deadly.

Dr Granato filmed herself that same day, putting an end to any rumours of her death. I hope everyone else in the world has too'.

These volunteers have been randomly allocated either a real dose of the trial vaccine or a meningitis vaccine.

And Health Secretary Matt Hancock has insisted that Britons will be first in the queue for any successful UK-developed vaccine from the £42million programmes.

The ChAdOx vaccine, a type known as a recombinant viral vector vaccine, uses a weakened version of the common-cold virus spiked with proteins from the novel coronavirus to generate a response from the body's immune system. Clinical trials began in April with early results coming as soon as this month.

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