Apple Powerbeats Pro has 4 more colors confirmed

Yolanda Curtis
May 31, 2020

Now, to make them even more appealing, the Beats has announced that they are releasing 4 new fun color options for the Powerbeats Pro. Unconfirmed reports of Glacier Blue, Spring Yellow, Cloud Pink and Lava Red versions of Beats' truly wireless headset have been circulating for weeks, but today brought the official unveiling. The specs remain unchanged from previous year.

They also offer noise isolation and are underpinned by the same chip as the AirPods Pro-the H1. It provides stable connectivity and Hey Siri functionality. Powerbeats Pro turn on when you remove them from the charge case, and switch off when they are returned to the case.

The sizable charging case still comes in the color back. Wireless charging is not supported, which could be a downer for some. If you can get a tight seal, however, they're still one of the better sporty set of true wireless earbuds on the market, albeit slightly expensive at $250 (they were on sale past year for $200 during the holidays). The red has a bit of orange in it. David Carnoy/CNET The folks at Beats are fans of FaZe Clan, which it calls "the world's most influential gaming organization", and to promote the launch of the new colors, it sent members a care package via drone to celebrate FaZe Clan's 10-year anniversary on May 30.

While these new colors were expected to be accompanied by a technical boost in the Powerbeats Pro, according to the specifications that have appeared there is no change compared to those already on sale.

If you want to snag one of these fresh new colours, you can buy them from 9 June from Apple, or other authorised resellers, for the usual price of £219.95.

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