5 meat plant workers admitted to ICU with Covid-19

Henrietta Brewer
May 23, 2020

11 more people in Ireland have sadly died in connection with Covid-19, bringing the country's death toll to 1,592.

61 Covid-19-related deaths occurred during the week ending May 15, down from 80 in the previous week and 119 in the week before that, according to figures compiled by the Northern Ireland Statistical and Research Agency (Nisra).

The Department's figures show a total of 4,504 people have tested positive for Covid-19 - up 23 from yesterday.

Of the 664 coronavirus deaths, 303 happened in care homes, 322 happened in hospital and six were recorded in hospices.

Care home deaths peaked in the week up to May 1, with 72 fatalities.

The deaths in care homes and hospices involved 76 separate establishments, Nisra reported.

A total of 38 people died in care homes the previous week.

The Department of Health in the North announces deaths in hospitals and records only cases confirmed by Covid-19.

What is Northern Ireland's overall picture in terms of confirmed deaths?

For COVID-19 related deaths, those with an address in Belfast Local Government District (LGD) accounted for 196 (30.1%) of the 652 deaths registered in the calendar year to 15th May.

The disparity between the two sets of figures has caused confusion, but the department said there was always a time lag for registering deaths in the community - which can take five days - so Nisra's report could not feasibly be linked to the daily figures.

Dr. Glynn also confirmed that there have now been 865 cases of Covid-19 diagnosed among meat plant staff - an increase of 37 on the same figure last week - while the number of Covid-19 "clusters" at meat plants remains at 16. NISRA takes into account all cases where Covid-19 is mentioned as causing death on a death certificate.

The number of deaths from coronavirus in Northern Ireland's care homes has fallen for the second week running.

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