Tuesday's 'super pink moon' will be biggest and brightest of 2020

Pablo Tucker
April 7, 2020

SloohA comparison of the apparent size of a perigee moon, or "supermoon", and an apogee moon ("minimoon") as seen through Slooh's Half Meter Telescope at its Canary Islands Observatory in 2015.

This optical illusion, known as moon illusion, will be familiar to anyone who has seen the moon rise look larger than the moon when it's high in the sky.

Many experts, including those at Sky & Telescope magazine, believe a supermoon is a full moon that tracks less than 223,000 miles from the Earth at the closest point of its orbit, known as the perigee.

According to Gianluca Masi, an astronomer from the Virtual Telescope Project, the moon will be 7 percent larger and 15 brighter than an average full moon tomorrow. "The "Pink Moon" is the name of the full moon that occurs in April".

"Any of those (three) days the moon will be dazzling, rising around sunset", he said.

It will be visible from moonrise on Tuesday, April 7 until moonset the following morning on Wednesday, April 8, and is expected to peak at 100 percent illumination at 10:35am EDT.

Because of its close proximity to Earth - a mere 357,035km - it will be one of the superest supermoons of them all, BUT it won't be pink! "All this while we celebrate in April the 2020 Global Astronomy Month, the world's largest global celebration of astronomy: this event is part of the worldwide happening". Confusingly, the moon is likely to look light yellow and with orange hues. Each month, the moon has a different name.

Increasing clouds this evening could cover Ottawa's view of the biggest super moon of the year.

The moon will be its usual golden color near the horizon and fade to a bright white overhead.

The first Full Moon of the year is the ominous-sounding Wolf Moon. "The April Moon takes this name from the 'Phlox, ' a plant which blossoms pink in April".

The moon will be full only on Tuesday night, but will be large enough on Monday and Wednesday to still merit a look, Delaney said.

While this will not only be the first full moon after the Spring Equinox, it is also the full moon that determines the date of Easter.

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