New Orleans Saints to set up draft war room at Dixie Brewing

Ross Houston
April 5, 2020

Payton said the Dixie Brewery, which opened in January and is located in the New Orleans East neighborhood, was an ideal spot because it now is closed to the public due to the pandemic and also is located away from any high traffic areas.

Head coach Sean Payton doesn't seem to care, though. "We're going to be smart with the draft relative to the grades and paying attention to our board", he said.

The New Orleans Saints are taking their National Football League 2020 draft headquarters to a brewery.

"Look, I'm a big dummy", Payton said.

The NFL draft is scheduled to take place in a fanless Las Vegas studio from April 23 to 25.

"There's no one out here".

"The uniqueness of Taysom's role will make it important for us to have a third quarterback", Payton said. "This is where we are going to be". "But what are we looking for in that third quarterback, is another player we want to develop, work with, and improve and someone that we feel like either we acquire through the draft, potentially through free agency".

The Saints will follow the directives of the Centers for Disease and Control to limit the number of people in the great council hall to only six or seven people.

Per Triplett, Payton is joined there by GM Mikey Loomis, assistant GM Jeff Ireland a three or four other staff members for the Draft, with all taking proper CDC precautions, maintaining a safe social distance and taking their temperature when arriving on site. There's plenty of space. "So total people involved in the meeting might be 20, total in the room would be six or seven".

All NFL-related player physicals have been indefinitely suspended and the league has stopped pre-draft visits to team facilities, resulting in teams using video conferencing to virtually meet with prospects.

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