Minor leaguers will continue to be paid through May

Ross Houston
April 1, 2020

That means while some players in the upper-levels are receiving less than they would during a normal regular season, nearly every lower-level player is getting a pay raise.

MLB announced March 19 that it was giving minor leaguers $400 weekly allowances through April 8, the day before the minor league season was scheduled to start. Until then, minor leaguers will be paid. In the unlikely event the season starts before then, salaries would replace stipends. The league has officially informed Minor League Baseball - a separate entity that represents the many minor-league teams around the country - that "Major League Clubs are unable to supply their Minor League affiliates with players as a result of the national health emergency".

The $400 a week stipend may not sound like much, but it is actually a raise for lower minor league players. The agreement runs through the end of May, unless the minor-league season begins prior to that point in time.

Major League Baseball announced Tuesday that minor-league players will continue getting financial support through May 31 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In addition, each team will make arrangements for players on Dominican Summer League rosters.

MLB's minor league initiative also does not cover players on the restricted, voluntary retired, disqualified or ineligible lists; and those already receiving housing or food from teams.

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