IPhone will finally get one of Android's best features with iOS 14

Yolanda Curtis
April 6, 2020

Apple also seems like it's changing the way wallpapers are organized depending on the tweeted iOS 14 screenshots.

We have already seen a few concepts of what the redesigned Home screen would look like based on the previous leak. The 9to5 crew warned that there was a risk that the feature could be cut by Apple (say, because of development time).

iOS 14 is rumoured to introduce a refreshed wallpaper settings panel, but so far, details about its implementation have been scarce. Apple separated by three types of collections: 'Classic Stripes, & # 39;' Earth and Moon & # 39; and 'Flowers & # 39;. Dongle Book Pro shows off a Collections segment, which you will be able to fill up with your photographs, as well as a segment for iOS 13 backgrounds which will remain even after the iOS 14 update arrives layer this season. In addition to the normal view of the wallpaper, you can also toggle between dark, dim and blurred options.

This should be better than seeing all wallpapers together at once. Also, the screenshot mentions a new "Home Screen Appearance" option which will allows users to alter the appearance of only the home screen.

9to5Mac points out that the "Home Screen Appearance" setting is similar to that seen on the Apple Watch. (On my Today screen, for instance, I've got widgets for public transit departures pulled from Google Maps and upcoming sporting events from the ESPN program ) Starting with iPadOS 13, iPad users could pin those widgets to the home display for easier access.

The 9to5Mac report also said that Apple may be working on a new feature, which is known as "Avocado" internally. It is said to be related to the Springboard app, which controls the home screen. It is still said to be in works and might get scrapped by the company. The leaked Apple iOS 14 code suggests that the iPhone maker is working towards real widgets on the home screen. However, this feature makes sense with this revamped wallpaper interface and we can't wait to try this out.

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