Intel 10th Gen Core Mobile Processors (Comet Lake H-series)

Yolanda Curtis
April 5, 2020

Intel Core i7-10850H: 2.7GHz - 5.1GHz clock speed, 6 cores, and 12 threads. Intel's upcoming 10th gen range's benchmark scores have been leaked.

The Core i9-10980HK, the star of the lineup, has eight cores capable of running a combined 16 threads at once. It means that Intel is all set to dominate AMD's Ryzen 4000 series.

Recently, the new Schenker launched their new XMG Apex 15 gaming laptop which can be configured with up to the Ryzen 9 3950X Desktop CPU on a laptop.

It has the same amount of cores as the 9980HK, but power consumption is jacked up to provide a TVB boost with huge question marks over its realistic value in real-world usage - and if it rarely hits top speeds, that means you'll be looking at a 5.1GHz chip (effectively) playing a 5GHz 9980HK.

Packed with incredible performance typically only available from desktops, 10th Gen Intel Core laptop processors deliver faster performance with up to 5,3 GHz Turbo, eight cores and 16 threads to enable immersive gaming experiences with awesome responsiveness and consistent in-game performance. The processor, which is stated to be faster than the flagship chips of the 8th generation, will be between $ 220-270.

Intel's other major talking point for Comet Lake H is that it features an i7 processor, the Core i7-10875H, that not only has a 5.1 GHz turbo frequency maximum but also eight cores, which Hamberger said is designed for gamers who also use content creation applications.

All this is rumoured to be revealed tomorrow - so let's wait and see.

Core i5-10300H: 2.5GHz - 4.5GHz clock speed, 4 cores, and 8 threads.

In terms of PCB (printed circuit board), Core i5-10-10600K and Core i5-10500 models seem to be built on 8th generation processors. It was tested with an ASRock Z490M Pro 4 motherboard equipped with 32 GB DDR4. This release has been confirmed to be the fastest of any Intel CPU ever, even eclipsing the desktop Core i9-9900KS. The Ryzen 9 3950X results here aren't skewed, either. With its performance, it surpasses products from previous generations. All six SKUs in the stack have a thermal design power of 45 watts, allowing more performance than Intel's lower-watt Ice Lake and Comet Lake parts. The competition between the two companies will continue to benefit computer enthusiasts and technology enthusiasts.

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