Here is another look at the 2020 iPad Pro

Yolanda Curtis
April 6, 2020

The newly launched iPad Pro 2020 is coming with a safety characteristic that disconnects microphones when the lid of the machine is bodily closed.

The feature was first introduced to Macs by way of Apple's T2 security chip past year. The feature is made possible by the use of Apple's T2 security chip and should give peace of mind to users who worry about third-party app access to hardware components like microphones.

Unlike the microphone, the built-in camera is not deactivated in hardware by the T2 chip.

According to Apple, the microphone is automatically disconnected when you use the iPad Pro with an MFI compliant case that's attached to the tablet and closed.

Apple says the hardware disconnect is tied to its T2 Security Chip, which is included on all recent MacBook laptops as well as the new iPad Pro. Apple is within the safety notice additionally added that the digital camera will not be disconnected when the case is bodily closed, "because its field of view is completely obstructed with the lid closed".

The 2020 iPad Pro comes with 120Hz Liquid Retina Display with built-in Face ID for biometric authentication.

The new model also gets a 12MP+10MP dual-lens rear camera, a dedicated LiDAR sensor for improved AR capabilities, and a 7MP selfie camera.

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