Greenleaf dairy farmer left with a lagoon of dumped milk

Andrew Cummings
April 5, 2020

The impact comes after several challenging years for dairy farmers.

She said farmers have no option but to continue producing quality dairy, with or without the consumer demand.

It's sufficient to make any type of dairy farmer curdle, large quantities of milk are being dumped due to the fact that of the COVID pandemic.

Now, he said the state is working to secure resources to help the farmers being hit hard.

"Since most dairy products are perishable, dairy processors can only store a limited amount of product that they don't have a buyer for", said Kara O'Connor, the government relations director for Wisconsin Farmers Union, in a blog post.

During meeting, the local milk processing companies showed sympathy and assurance of buying row dairy items from local small and marginal farmers but we still didn't get any such support from them, he mentioned.

In a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the groups cited the mass closure of restaurants, schools and other food service outlets, decimated export markets and a sharp drop in prices farmers are being paid for their milk. Alyssa Badger, director of operations at HighGround Dairy in Chicago told Bloomberg that while some dumping usually occurs during the US spring, this year it will be "even more aggressive". He says they are not able yet to project if any milk will have to be dumped next week.

Georgia-based dairy farmer and vet Paul Johnson had to dump 48,000lb of milk at the request of his cooperative earlier this week. Congress allocated $US9.5 ($16) billion for agriculture producers impacted by the crisis under the CARES Act, the $US2.2 ($4) trillion dollar coronavirus economic relief bill, among others.

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