Google Arts & Culture Uses AI to Transform Your Pictures

Yolanda Curtis
April 5, 2020

Google has announced a new tool in its Arts & Culture app that lets users edit personal photos in the style history's most iconic artists. This feature is called Art Transfer and using it is quite easy which can often make it hard to realize just how advanced the technology behind this sort of thing can be. The feature makes it effortless to transform your own photos. It's called Art Transfer, and unlike the traditional picture filters we are used to, the app uses artificial intelligence wizardry to turn your photos into modern-day masterpieces.

Though the tech behind it sounds complicated, Art Transfer is pretty simple to use. After taking or transferring a photograph, pick what style you need to apply to your picture. Even photos of subjects that are otherwise boring - like a seat - look far more interesting re-imagined in the style of famous painters.

"Many Google Arts & Culture experiments show what's possible when you combine art and technology", product manager Michelle Luo wrote in a blog announcement. Some of the artists that are now featured on the app include van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Edvard Munch, and Frida Kahlo. Once you snap your photo and select a style, Art Transfer doesn't just blend the two things or simply overlay your image. Art Transfer recreates your photo with a unique algorithm, inspired by your chosen art style. To do this, users will have to open the Google Arts & Culture app open the camera menu in the bottom bar select "Art Transfer".

If you would like to try the feature yourself, then you will first want to download the Arts & Culture program, which is naturally a totally free download. You would be able to select what kind of art style you prefer in this regard and this will change the overall outcome of the painting that you eventually get.

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