GM And Honda Partner Up To Make New Electric Vehicles — GM

Andrew Cummings
April 5, 2020

Production of the Honda electric vehicles will be at GM plants in North America.

GM and Honda will jointly develop two new electric vehicles slated for 2024, the latest move by the two automakers to deepen their existing partnership. This time it's Japanese carmaker Honda and the American giant GM. The vehicle platform will be created to support Honda's driving character. Cruise Origin, an electric, self-driving and shared vehicle and the first product of that arrangement, was revealed January 21. These will be vehicles of some type-probably a crossover and an SUV if I had to guess, though neither company said what Thursday-and they will be made in the US and allegedly ready for the 2024 model year. Unless Honda decided that they want to bolster their offerings in the future and will sell these alongside their own in-house electric cars. The bulk of the joint projects have centered on hydrogen fuel cell tech, batteries and more recently, autonomous vehicles.

That includes GM's Ultium propulsion system that consists of battery packs ranging from 50 to 200 kwh, a motor family with three variants, and power systems to drive two or four wheels with up to 1,000 horsepower per vehicle.

"We are in discussions with one another regarding the possibility of further extending our partnership", affirmed Rick Schostek, the executive vice president of Honda's American division, in a statement.

This is but another partnership in the longstanding relationship between the two manufacturers.

"This agreement builds on our proven relationship with Honda, and further validates the technical advancements and capabilities of our Ultium batteries and our all-new EV platform". In addition, they'll also feature GM's OnStar safety and security services.

With that, Honda will be able to make use of the GM's hands-free advanced driver-assist technology available which translates to the inclusion of the Super Cruise on these Honda EVs. They will presumably be built by the very same workers and have similar components.

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