Ecuador VP apologizes after virus corpses left on streets

Cheryl Sanders
April 6, 2020

"People are asking that some authority takes charge of the dead, but the lack of response means they are being left in central streets of Guayaquil", Juan Carlos Freire, an attorney, told the Los Angeles Times. "Nobody wants to recover them", he said. she declared., later adding, "We need to know what caused the deaths of people at home".

It's unclear how numerous deceased are dying because of COVID-19.

Mortuary workers in masks and protective clothing were seen carrying plastic-wrapped coffins in the city on Wednesday as authorities tried to cope with the backlog of dead.

Ecuador reported 3,646 cases of the coronavirus on Sunday, including 180 deaths, the majority of them occurring in Guayaquil and its surrounding province of Guayas. "I have my mother who is 80 years old and who also has respiratory problems".

Hours later, a group of people, dressed in hazmat suits are picking up the dead and then driving off.

Vteri described a Dantean scene: "There are bodies in houses, on sidewalks, and on street corners".

The mayor of Guayaquil, Cynthia Viteri, desperately asked for help from the national government in a video posted to her Twitter account last week.

National figures show that Ecuador's authorities have collected more than 300 bodies from private homes in the city - which has 2.99 million residents, according to the CIA Factbook - between March 23-30. People have shared the video of the bodies in the hospital. Some left messages to officials to take them away after they died in their homes.

The latest data reveals that there have been at least 3,100 have tested positive for COVID-19. It has been hard for the authorities to determine the reason behind the deaths of all the cases.

Ecuador's funeral parlors, hospitals, and morgues have been overwhelmed with the piling number of deaths in the country because of the novel coronavirus.

President Lenin Moreno during an address to the nation Thursday called for transparency at all levels of government regarding the numbers caused by the crisis.

"The medical experts unfortunately estimate that deaths from COVID in these months will reach between 2,500 and 3,500 - in the province of Guayas alone, and we are preparing for that", he said.

But for now, some of the living in Guayaquil remain trapped in a nightmare, with no way to mourn their loved ones, not even through a proper burial.

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