Detroit bus driver who complained about a passenger coughing has died

Cheryl Sanders
April 4, 2020

Hargrove, 50, posted a profanity-laced video complaining about a woman whom he said had repeatedly coughed while on his bus.

DDOT is now operating their buses on a reduced schedule because of the coronavirus and the measures put into place to stop the spread. The middle-aged woman let loose four or five times without covering her mouth, he said, and watching her do this - at the same time MI was under a state of emergency for the coronavirus - got him so upset, he felt compelled to vent his frustrations in a video afterward.

He said. "We out here as public workers doing our job, trying to make an honest living to take care of our families". '[They] utterly don't give a f**k'. It's also not clear if Hargrove contracted the virus from the woman.

"That lets me know that some folks don't care", he said, in an emotional live stream.

'For a grown a** person.

He said in his live stream that he was not trying to blame anyone else - not the mayor, not the city, not the state of MI, not the president - except the woman who coughed.

A Detroit Department of Transportation bus driver died Wednesday, April 1, 2020, from the coronavirus. "I ain't blaming nobody but the woman who did that s-".

Jason urged people to stay home if possible and take the coronavirus crisis seriously, adding. "There's folks dying out here from this".

"They're obviously scared", Tolbert told The Detroit News of the city's other bus drivers, who have been practicing safety measures such as entering through the rear doors and enforcing a 10-foot distance from each other since March 18. They also eliminated fares so they did not have to have direct contact with passengers. On March 17, a few days before Hargrove's plea, bus drivers shut down public transportation by calling in sick in fear of an outbreak, the Detroit Free Press reported. "Please", Hargrove said in the video. "They want me to be and I kept my mouth closed, but it's at some point in time where you got to draw the line and say enough is enough".

"I feel violated. I feel violated for the folks that were on the bus when this happened".

"To stand on the bus and cough four or five times without covering her mouth... that was disrespectful".

"If you haven't seen Jason Hargrove's post on Facebook, everybody in Detroit and everybody in America should watch it", he said.

'He knew his life was being put in jeopardy - even though he was going to work for the citizens of Detroit every day - by somebody who just didn't care.

Nevertheless, the danger has persisted - partly because of riders like the one Hargrove described in his video, half a week after the work stoppage, "who don't take s*** for real while this s*** is still existing and still spreading".

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