Coronavirus: US unemployment rate, jobless claims by state

Yolanda Curtis
April 4, 2020

In the same report, however, Mackara said the number of announced hires stood at about 820,000, most of which were in retail and transportation.

On Friday, the March jobs report showed that the United States economy lost more jobs than economists were expecting, a worrying sign about the damage to come amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The number of weekly unemployment claims filed in the US could soon exceed 8 million as the fallout from widespread shutdowns amid the coronavirus pandemic continues to worsen, one economist told CNBC on Friday.

"These losses were trivial in the bigger picture". The national unemployment rate was 3.5% in February.

Many Southern states have been hit particularly hard. "Notably, health care and social assistance also lost 61,000 jobs-while the coronavirus outbreak does demand more healthcare workers, there are many healthcare workers not directly involved with the coronavirus response who have been laid off".

All 50 USA states reported an increase in unemployment claims, with the biggest spikes in Pennsylvania (up 362,012), OH (up 189,263) and MA (up 141,003).

Unemployed workers also have much lower purchasing power, meaning less is consumed, which can lead to unemployment for others.

Simone, the mother of a 10-year-boy, says it is "annoying" that she has not been able to get through to anyone regarding applying for benefits.

But forecasters at Oxford Economics project about 20 million people will lose their jobs in the coming weeks.

Last week, USA lawmakers expanded the country's unemployment benefits system as part of the $2.2 trillion (€2 trillion) economic package passed by Congress last week.

Data about the unemployment rate in March will be released by the U.S. Department of Labor on Friday.

He continued: "The internal dynamics inside the report are a sober, clear-eyed precursor to what is going to be the largest bloodletting in the labor market since the 1929-1933 period of the Great Depression". The service sector shed 659,000 jobs, with the 459,000 decline in leisure and hospitality providing the majority of the losses.

"We're hoping today's reading will be the peak, but we can't be sure", he said in an analysis. Combined with last week's report that 3.3 million people sought unemployment aid two weeks ago, the US economy has now suffered almost 10 million layoffs in just the past few weeks - far exceeding the figure for any corresponding period on record. Analysts have warned Americans of a deep recession as a result of the pandemic, stating that the unemployment rate could reach as high as 15% as the country struggles to recover.

Thursday's report is only a hint of things to come for the economy.

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