Coronavirus: FIFA recommends extending contracts, amending transfer windows

Ross Houston
April 7, 2020

It is these last two points, alongside the kickstarting of the current season, that have occupied fans' thoughts the most these past weeks.

"This has been done in consultation with different stakeholders through a task force chaired by the FIFA Vice-President and chairman of the FIFA Football Stakeholders Committee, Vittorio Montagliani, and including representatives of clubs, players, leagues, national associations and confederations".

In response to the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on world football, FIFA has announced that the organisation is open to "flexible" transfer window adjustments while recommending the extension of player contracts through to the end of the season.

"Expiring player contracts usually end when the season ends, with a termination date that coincides with the end of the season".

The governing physique additionally stated "it's mandatory to regulate the traditional regulatory place to the brand new factual circumstances" with regards to switch home windows.

The statement also added: "Whilst this will not solve each and every problem, it should serve to bring a measure of stability and clarity to football for the foreseeable future".

The organisation has offered a set of recommendations for when leagues return to play following the Covid-19 pandemic.

On the issue of pay cuts for players and coaches - a major controversy in England, Italy and Portugal - Fifa said the parties had to find "fair and equitable solutions" with a view to protecting jobs and achieving "a reasonable balance of interests between players and clubs".

FIFA has also looked at football employment agreements during this crisis and "strongly encourages clubs and players to work together to find agreements and solutions during the period when football is suspended".

An announcement from the governing physique learn: "Accordingly, FIFA will likely be versatile and can permit the related switch home windows to be moved so that they fall between the top of the outdated season and the beginning of the brand new season".

- With regard to transfervinduer, so it is again necessary to adapt the normal law to the new, in fact, the case.

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