Canada won’t retaliate against USA ban on medical supplies exports: PM

Andrew Cummings
April 5, 2020

Manufacturing giant 3M hit back at the U.S. government stating that limiting exports of respirators to Canada and Latin American countries would have "significant humanitarian implications".

A statement from the company also warned of global anger in response to stopping the exports.

3M says it has already been turning out as numerous N95 masks as possible for the US market.

Trump has invoked the Defence Production Act in order to compel 3M to prioritize the American market for its masks.

In a statement issued Friday morning, the company says its employees have gone "above and beyond" to manufacture as many N95 respirators as possible for the USA market.

"3M has indicated that it understands how important it is to continue with delivering on orders to places like Canada, because there is much trade that goes back and forth in essential services, and it could end up hurting Americans as much as it hurts anybody else", Trudeau said.

Roman said the administration's invoking of the Defense Production Act will require 3M to fill orders from FEMA from its worldwide locations. "And going forward, the flights we're chartering to get the materials here, include Canadian companies Cargojet and Air Canada".

The company said it has raised US production of N95 masks from 22 million in January to 35 million in March, with the entire increase being distributed in the United States. "We are continuing to engage in constructive discussions with different levels within the administration to highlight that the USA will be hurting itself as much as Canada will be hurting". "That's why we are working so hard to ensure that we get the right supplies to them in the right amount of time".

3M has previously said it hasn't changed the prices it charges and can't control the prices dealers or retailers charge for their products.

"The idea that 3M is not doing all it can to fight price gouging and unauthorized reselling is absurd", Mike Roman told United States broadcaster CNBC. Ten million on a monthly level shipping.

Meanwhile, Ford said Health Canada regulators have so far failed to approve production for a similar mask the Woodbridge Group of Mississauga is planning to manufacture, dubbed the N96 respirator mask.

Minnesota officials are trying to assess the supply of respirator masks and other protective equipment.

The N95 masks, also called respirators, provide more protection against the virus that causes COVID-19 than do ordinary surgical masks.

This week, after 3M received liability protection that it sought, the White House learned that not all of those masks were ready for the US market, the official said. That's one percent of what Kadlec said would be needed.

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