Amazon working on a new game streaming platform

Yolanda Curtis
April 6, 2020

Besides the exclusive games and the upcoming streaming service, the company also developed a game processing engine called Lumberyard. "It was so obviously important to customers that we need to be doing something". Now, the giant Amazon is about to join the party with its first shooter game called Crucible and a new massively multiplayer online game called "New Word".

The NYT confirms that there's another MMO in the works as well, as reported past year, which is going to be based on the Lord of the Rings world. It is described by Frazzini as a team-based combat game that borrows elements from the likes of League of Legends and Dota2. Two of the big-ticket titles - Crucible and New World - are set to be launched next month.

If Amazon were to fold Project Tempo into this service and give Twitch Prime members an instant collection of high-quality games to stream from the cloud, it could offer one heck of a value - and drive even more Amazon Prime subscriptions. It has been in development for a while, but that's all we know about it for now. After coronavirus travel restrictions interfered with marketing plans, the start date was pushed to April 14. The spread of Covid-19 has delayed the Crucible launch, which was originally planned for March. Amazon also plans to release an MMO in May titled New World which is coming from the company's recently acquired Double Helix Games Studio. "We love this idea that you have a player, a streamer and a viewer all sharing in this synchronous interactive environment of Twitch", said Frazzini. It's like breaking the 4th wall. Usually, the calculations required to power a video game are performed on a console, computer or mobile device owned by the player. Details are sparse at the moment, but it's likely to be along the lines of Google Stadia or Nvidia GeForce Now. The new games would allow users to play along with streamers via Twitch. Microsoft is developing Project xCloud, its own version of the technology.

Sources familiar with the matter told the New York Times that Amazon's cloud gaming endeavor is called Project Tempo.

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