USA troops possibly heading to Canadian border amid COVID-19 fears

Cheryl Sanders
March 27, 2020

Canada and other G20 countries pledged US$5-trillion in economic stimulus measures to fight the COVID-19 crisis, including a focus on support for "vulnerable countries" that don't have the science or health systems to keep their populations safe.

It is no secret, however, that President Donald Trump has always been seized with securing his country's southern border with Mexico, and has recently been talking about fortifying those efforts under the pretence of protecting Americans from the novel coronavirus.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will confer Thursday with leaders of the world's biggest economies about the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump is expected to send fewer than 1,000 troops to the Canadian border, two US government officials told Reuters.

That border is the longest un-militarized border in the world.

Legislation enacting $52 billion worth of financial aid and another $55 billion worth of tax deferrals was approved Wednesday by Parliament but the money won't actually start flowing for another few weeks.

Across Canada, businesses have been rolling with a series of evolving restrictions as each province and territory operates in an emergency state, a "climate of uncertainty" as Trudeau said Friday.

He'll be taking part in an video conference with leaders of the G20, who are expected to talk about co-ordination of global efforts to contain the virus and cushion the devastating blow to the world's economy.

The official said the request was made a few days ago and the Defence Department had done some initial planning but there was no final decision on whether or not to approve the request.

Canada has 3,409 cases, 35 deaths and has tested over 158,000 people.

Trudeau said it is in the best interests of both countries for the border to remain that way.

Canada has already closed the border to non-essential travel from the United States as part of a bid to combat coronavirus.

Separately, one of the US sources said several hundred more troops would also be deployed along the border with Mexico in addition to the ones already there.

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