Tom Brady Explains Why He Chose The Buccaneers

Ross Houston
March 25, 2020

There's a lot of ground to make up because I haven't worked with these players, I'm going to have to learn what they do, their body language, how they like things.

Brady deflected questions on any negotiations with the Patriots, but allowed that he wasn't disappointed that there wasn't more appreciation, or more of an effort from the franchise to retain him.

Quarterback Tom Brady backed New England Patriots chiefs after he was asked whether they could have done more to prevent the end of their 20-year relationship.

Stidham took 15 regular-season snaps as a rookie.

Stidham is a 23-year-old from Auburn who the Patriots drafted in the fourth round last year.

"This is an exciting moment for me in my life", Brady said. We were at different locations and we talked to him. We've never listened to the noise, and we're not about to start now.

But honestly, I'm happy for him. He's a really good guy. I'm going to be friends with my teammates, my former teammates and coaches, for the rest of my life.

While it's unclear how close this came to fruition, two league sources said the Colts and Patriots engaged in discussions last week about a potential deal for quarterback Brian Hoyer. Hoyer spent the 2019 season with the Indianapolis Colts.

On "the Patriot Way"But what people don't understand about New England is that it's not just about winning".

After 10 years and three Super Bowls, Patriots captain Devin McCourty was ready to leave New England in search of something new.

"And, obviously, Hoyer, he's been on different teams. But at the same time, you can't help but be excited for them". "He didn't have it easy", McCourty said.

"He just has a veteran presence", McCourty said. "I have nothing but two decades of an incredible experience, and learning from some of the best players and the best coaches and the ownership of the team". He knows our offense very well. I know you don't know football like that, but I've played six years in the NFL, and I haven't been to the playoffs yet.

With Brady gone, it might be assumed Stidham would inherit the top job, but Jason McCourty said he'd have to earn the starting spot. "I'm going to go out and do the best I can every day to put our team in a position to win".

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