Mouse support for iPad? Apple launches iOS and iPadOS 13.4

Yolanda Curtis
March 25, 2020

The new MacBook Air and Mac mini were limited to five orders per customer, the new iPad Pro was limited to two 11-inch models per customer and two 12.9-inch models per customer, and iPhones were limited to two of each model per customer.

While the new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pros looks fantastic, you don't need it to make use of this update as any USB or Bluetooth mouse or touchpad will work just fine.

Now, one can pair a mouse or trackpad with their iPad and use it to move a cursor on the display.

In addition, iOS 13.4 features such as iCloud Drive Folder Sharing, memoji stickers, universal app purchasing came to iPad models in the same way. The keyboard also has its own USB-C port and an adjustable hinge supporting the tablet at a range of angles, essentially turning it into a laptop. These come with the settings you'd expect; you can invite specific users or create a sharable link, and permit or deny edits to files within the folder.

Apple released long-awaited updates, especially iOS 13.4, iPadOS 13.4 and WatchOS 6.2. This means that developers can release a paid app on the Mac and the iPhone and the user only have to buy it once.

Apple's entry-level MacBook Air has also been updated, gaining the new Magic Keyboard, which was first introduced with the firm's top 16in MacBook Pro and aims to put to bed the multiple issues associated with its butterfly keyboard introduced in 2015.

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