Lori Loughlin Wants Entire College Admissions Scandal Case Thrown Out

Carla Harmon
March 26, 2020

Attorneys for Full House star Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli have asked a federal judge to throw out their college admissions bribery case, alleging misconduct and entrapment.

Instead of immediately handing over the notes when they first saw them in October 2018, prosecutors "buried" the evidence and repeatedly told the defense it had provided everything it was supposed to, the parents' lawyers wrote.

As previously reported, both Loughlin, 55, and Giannulli, 56, have been named in an ongoing admissions scandal dubbed "Operation Varsity Blues", and stand accused of paying $500,000 to a sham charity enacted by Singer to get their kids in as recruits of the rowing team despite that their daughters never participated in the spot.

The docs further state that Rick Singer, the ringleader behind the college admissions scandal, had discussions with FBI investigators in which they "directed him" to make phone calls to his clients in order to get incriminating statements.

The defense says the notes show that agents bullied Singer into fabricating evidence and try to trick parents into falsely agreeing that the payments were bribes.

The defense first raised its concerns about the government's handling of the case in a filing last month.

Mr Singer wrote in the notes that Federal Bureau of Investigation agents yelled at him and told him to lie to get parents to say things in recorded phone calls that could be used against them. "Essentially they are asking me to bend the truth". The defense filing quotes Loughlin from a recorded conversation with Singer, in which she expressions confusion about the arrangement.

"Yeah, no, no, I-I had questions about USC. I was like, 'Well, maybe the way they got in you're not supposed to get in like that, I don't know, like can you, ' but Moss was like, 'No, you can make a donation, it's OK, like I don't know.'" she said. It's ok, ' like I don't know.

The defense also contends that the government repeatedly denied possession of exculpatory evidence, and only turned over the notes after many other parents had pleaded guilty.

The defence attorneys want the charges against their clients dismissed.

"The extraordinary Government misconduct presented in this case threatens grave harm to Defendants and the integrity of this proceeding", the lawyers argue, according to court documents obtained by ET on Wednesday.

Should the judge decide to continue with the legal proceedings, the attorneys argue the judge should at least prevent prosecutors from using the "tainted recordings" at trial and order a hearing to "uncover the full truth about the recordings and the government's efforts to fabricate and hide evidence".

A motion filed Wednesday by their lawyers accuses prosecutors of "extraordinary" misconduct.

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