Joe Biden declared victor of Washington state

Pablo Tucker
March 17, 2020

Bernie Sanders, right, wait on stage to participate in a Democratic presidential primary debate in Washington, Sunday, March 15, 2020. Mr Sanders won North Dakota.

Biden holds a "tele-town hall" at 8pm on Monday with voters in all four states, when he "will lay out his vision for America and listen to voters' concerns and ideas around restoring the soul of the nation, rebuilding the middle class, and unifying the country", his campaign said.

"For me it's not just nominating a woman, it is making sure that we have a progressive woman, and there are progressive women out there", Sanders said.

U.S. Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden pledged to select a female vice president if he is the nominee.

They said that former vice president Biden had won 37.9 percent of the vote, with the leftist Sanders close behind with 36.4 percent.

Sanders said "in all likelihood" he would pick a woman too. "And I commit that I will. pick a woman to be Vice President".

He said the pandemic served as an example of why Americans would be better served by a universal health care system. Everything you would need to take care of this crisis would be free.

Biden has hammered Sanders' so-called Medicare for All plan as unrealistic given today's political divisions, adding Sanders has yet to explain how he would pay for such a costly reshaping of the economy.

On another issue, Sanders attacked Biden's support for the 2008 bailout of floundering Wall Street financial giants as the recession worsened more than a decade ago.

Sanders also criticized Biden's support of the 2003 USA invasion of Iraq, which Biden now admits was a mistake.

As has been the case in the previous ten Democratic debates, there was little discussion of foreign policy, despite Biden's pretensions to having played a major role in that sphere for many decades, including chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and responsibility for Iraq and Afghanistan during the Obama administration. But the spread of the deadly coronavirus forced the two longtime politicians into CNN's Washington studio and there was no audience, in an effort to limit the possibility of exposing even more people to the virus.

Mr Biden won four other states last Tuesday: Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan and Idaho.

Nationwide, the NBC count shows Biden with 871 delegates, compared to Sanders' 719.

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