Hundreds dead in Iran after consuming methanol thinking it was coronavirus protection

Cheryl Sanders
March 29, 2020

The remarks came after some local reports said that Iranian stem cell scientist Dr. Masoud Soleimani, who returned home in December a year ago following his release from a United States prison, has developed the first experimental coronavirus medicine.

Iran has the sixth highest number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the world with 32,332 cases and 2,378 deaths reported as of March 27.

An Iranian doctor helping the country's Health Ministry says the problem was even greater, giving a death toll of around 480 with close to 3000 people sick. Iran's health workers are making only one request to people to stop drinking alcohol for fear of Coronavirus. Fake social media accounts falsely suggested a British school teacher others treated themselves with whiskey and honey to avoid coronavirus.

Mixed with messages about the use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers, some people wrongly believed drinking high-proof alcohol would kill the virus in their bodies.

Methanol can not be smelled or tasted in drinks. It causes delayed organ and mind injury.

Oslo's clinical toxicologist Dr. Nat Eric Hovda told the news agency AP that the infection is spreading rapidly in Iran and people are dying.

The boy, now blind after his mother and father gave him poisonous methanol within the mistaken perception it protects towards the virus, is only one of a whole bunch of victims of an epidemic contained in the pandemic now gripping Iran. After they maintain ingesting this, there's going to be extra folks poisoned.

The outbreak of COVID-19 in Iran has been one of the deadliest outside of China.

Other Muslim nations that ban their citizens from drinking also see such methanol poisoning, and in Buddhist Cambodia, police seized 4,200 litres of methanol from a man who unwittingly planned to make toxic hand sanitiser.

While police occasionally announce alcohol busts, the trade in nontoxic alcohol also continues. Imported vodka sells for $40 a bottle. This 12 months, due to corona, it jumped up by four- or five-fold.

Even you will discover it supplied when you find yourself strolling down the road, he stated.

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