HP, Microsoft and Valve are working together on a new VR headset

Yolanda Curtis
March 25, 2020

Room for one more in the VR headset scene? Being able to put on fancy goggles and stepping into the land of headcrabs and crowbar loving Gordons will do that. This week, HP announced that it is developing a "next gen" VR headset in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, presumably meaning it will support both Windows Mixed Reality and Steam VR.

A timely announcement reveals that HP has been working on a new VR headset, with help from Valve and Microsoft. The launch is light on technical details or how they intend to extract superior quality out of the technology and HP hasn't even provided pricing or release details. That surge in interest has led to sold-out VR headsets, a situation further worsened by the impact of the coronavirus.

We do know that it is the new model of the Reverb, HP's high-end glasses desasaplanded for Microsoft's mixed reality that have been on the market for a while.

Here's a little look at the headset, which will prominently display the "HP" logo. "It's the new standard in VR", reads the Steam page.

Until more is known, speculation will remain whether this new iteration of the Reverb headset will be more consumer-focused than the original as well as if it will have to ability to compete with Oculus and its Rift and Quest headsets.

Valve has really been pushing the envelope for virtual reality, and yesterday the studio finally released the next instalment in the Half-Life series - and that's also a VR exclusive. The only potential innovations would be if the headset could tie in more closely to Valve's SteamVR ecosystem, which features the option for using their Lighthouse base stations and Knuckles controllers.

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