Google resumes Chrome updates on a modified schedule

Yolanda Curtis
March 29, 2020

Google's primary reason for pausing Chrome releases is to ensure that users will have the latest proven stable Chrome release, now version 80.

The company said that starting next week, the current Chrome 80 release will start receiving security updates once againt. "Thanks everyone for the help and patience during this time".

He explained: "Once M81 is cleared to release to Stable, we expect to adjust our future milestone schedules, including possibility shifting M83 forward to target an earlier branch and Stable date". The Chrome 82 release was canceled altogether, with features being reshuffled into Chrome 83 and other versions. Chrome 81 will continue to be a beta, while Chrome 83 will move to the Dev channel. Each has resumed already or will this week. (Canary, presumably, is on M83).

Chrome 81, the upgrade that was previously slated for a March 17 debut, will instead launch in two weeks, on April 7.

"We continue to closely monitor that Chrome and Chrome OS are stable, secure, and work reliably", Google's blog post reads.

After Chrome releases were paused, Google said that they will prioritize security updates that will be released as Chrome v80 updates. Today, however, the company announced that it would resume releases - but with an adjusted schedule. "As we adapt our future milestone schedules to the current change in schedule, we have made a decision to skip the M82 release to ensure we keep users safe and focus all efforts on maintaining stability", reads the blog post.

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