David Harbour Wants Marvel to Release Black Widow Digitally

Carla Harmon
March 30, 2020

Residents of some of the most populated states, including California and NY, are ordered to stay at home.

Now it is unclear that when any of the films will be released.

Disney's "Black Widow" is to shift their release date because of the corona-virus pandemic.

The movie would be produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

"The actor said that he was amazed by the truth that" Black Widow" will be releasing onto its scheduled launch date of May 1.

Randolph did note that "price points, purchase vs rental, when to Disney Plus all still up in the air".

Randolph added that movie theaters across the country may not open until the fall, so releasing it on demand is financially sound.

Unfortunately for Harbour and Marvel fans eager to see Black Widow, Kevin Feige and the studio are unlikely to fulfill his wish, as it wouldn't make anywhere near the same amount if it was released online as it will when it eventually hits cinemas.

Who's going to be the cast in Black Widow?

As per the latest news reports, David Harbour wants Marvel to release Black Widow on a streaming service.

David Harbour also mentions that the global outbreak of COVID-19 has also affected the release date of his highly popular series Stranger Things. "Imagine we wait 10 years for her movie and it's straight to DVD", wrote one Twitter user.

That said, Disney and Marvel would end up losing a lot of money if they opt to release the movie via their streaming platform. "They should know the moment they drop on net they'll [be] pirated [and] floating around all torrent sites". With the closing of Disney's amusement parks and the lack of revenue coming from movie theaters, Disney will have to come up with a solution ASAP to make up operation losses.

The theatres across North America are not exactly shuttered yet.

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