Coronavirus: Australia limits funerals to 10 people

Andrew Cummings
March 25, 2020

The premier stopped short of enforcing a total lockdown similar to those seen in Britain and Italy, but said all Australians "should only go outside to do to those essential things" such as buying groceries or seeking medical attention.

Shane Warne was among a number of Australian sporting stars to hit out at Scott Morrison on Tuesday night after the Prime Minister's "confusing" press conference.

Australia's "do not travel" advice has now been turned into a strict ban on overseas trips.

He said there would be exceptions, including for people involved in aid work.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Cafes will continue to provide takeaway only.

Food courts and some parts of shopping centres will shut down.

Weddings may still continue, but only with a couple, a celebrant and their witnesses, as large gatherings are no longer allowed.

Social-distancing practices include a 1.5m distance between people, with no hugging or touching allowed.

However, Morrison said schools will remain open.

Speaking in Canberra tonight, Mr Morrison said the National Cabinet had agreed to extend the lockdown rules that were announced on Sunday night, with a long list of additional places included that would not be permitted to operate. Schools will remain open but states and territories will deal with closures.

"We need to ensure kids get taught", he said.

"If you are going to be able to communicate effectively through the entire period of the crisis, then you need to be able to admit you were wrong and change tact ... and you can only do that if you have people's trust".

"We don't want to be overly specific about that".

"Barbecues of lots of friends or even. extended family coming together to celebrate one-year-old birthday parties and all these sorts of things - we can't do those things now", he said. "All of these things present risks".

"House parties will be restricted", the PM said.

Mr Morrison has also urged people who are not already working from home to do so where possible.

Yoga centres, fitness centres of all kinds, barre and spin classes, wellness centres, bootcamps and personal training can not be more than ten people.

An aged care centre has signs warning people not to enter.

The Chief Medical Officer says he is "very worried" about the significant growth in COVID-19 cases in Australia in past days, saying the Government will "not tolerate" anyone breaching self-isolation orders.

"These measures are really draconian", he said.

"We know that. But if we're going to control community transmission, we have to stop the capacity of this virus from spreading from person to person".

In the real estate space, real estate auctions and open house inspections are closed.

Amusement parks and arcades, and indoor and outdoor play centres must close.

Boot camps and personal training must be limited to 10 people.

Galleries, museums, libraries and swimming pools must close.

Funerals will be no more than ten persons.

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