Biden, Sanders face off in debate overshadowed by virus

Pablo Tucker
March 15, 2020

Biden Jr., who previously fought with Sen. "Next, because President Trump is unable and unwilling to lead selflessly, we must immediately convene an emergency, bipartisan authority of experts to support and direct a response that is comprehensive, compassionate, and based first and foremost on science and fact", Sanders stated in a Thursday cope with in regards to the well being and financial disaster. "But I'm going to vote for Joe Biden because I think Joe is the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump", he said. "So there's a whole range of things we agree on". Elizabeth Elizabeth Warren of MA on the bankruptcy issue, is now supporting Ms. Warren's plan to make changes to the bankruptcy system, a confirmed his presidential campaign on Saturday.

That's a significant move for Biden, as Warren's plan would undo much of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, that made it more hard to file for bankruptcy - a bill Biden voted for and quarreled with Warren over during his tenure as a Delware senator.

Certainly, the differences between the two remaining candidates, Sen.

Following her departure from the race, Warren did not offer an endorsement of Sanders or Biden.

The law, which was heavily backed by the banking and credit card industries, made it harder for Americans to get out of debt by filing for bankruptcy. "We were in the bankruptcy wars against each other", Warren said of Biden in an interview with MSNBC. Then a senator from DE and chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, he spent much of 2007 prepping for his unsuccessful presidential campaign, the latter part of 2008 running with Mr. Obama and the rest of the time focusing on committee work.

The Warren plan targets a series of provisions that she has criticized for years, arguing that they benefit credit card companies and big lenders at the expense of Americans struggling with consumer, household and student debt.

The Washington ballot had 13 candidates on it, along with an "uncommitted" option.

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