Barcelona to reduce payroll during coronavirus stoppage

Ross Houston
March 29, 2020

(CNN)Barcelona has announced its players and staff will take temporary wage cuts as the club grapples with the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Spain has become one of the countries worst affected by Covid-19 with a total of 56,188 cases recorded, according to Spanish Health Ministry data released on Thurdsay, and at least 4,089 deaths, putting the healthcare system under huge strain.

Football in Spain, as well as in most parts of the world, have been suspended for an indefinite period in the wake of the global coronavirus outbreak. "Given this scenario, the Board of Directors has chose to implement a series of measures to mitigate its effects and reduce the economic effects of this crisis", Barça said in a statement.

Following a board meeting on Tuesday, the Blaugrana said in a statement they will present one ERTE "in the sporting field [football and other professional sports] and another for the rest of the non-sporting personnel".

Barcelona said late Thursday that its executive board chose to temporarily suspend player contracts, which leads to a "proportional reduction of the remuneration provided for in the respective contracts".

The club also informed that it had offered its facility to the local health administration for the need to combat COVID-19 and is also working on other ways to help the Spanish government in fighting to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Barca were hopeful the players would agree to take a wage cut without having to revert to labour legislation.

Espanyol said that the proposed reduction regards players and coaching staff from the men's and women's first teams, Espanyol B and youth teams, and was made "unilaterally for reasons of urgency".

Barcelona have confirmed a "proportional reduction" to the salaries of all staff at the club, while revenue streams continue to be hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

The highly contagious virus has so far infected over half-a-million people globally and left close to 24,000 dead.

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