WHO Virus Team Could Go to China This Week, May Include US

Henrietta Brewer
February 4, 2020

The disease has killed more than 425 people and infected another 20,000 in China, nearly all in the central province of Hubei - the epicenter of the outbreak - and spread to two dozen countries since it emerged in December. It also wants to help get weaker health systems ready.

Before he left for the meeting with President Xi Jinping last week, Tedros reassured his daughter: "It's ok, it's not all over China".

"Even in China, the virus is not evenly spread everywhere, and the risk is not the same", he recalled.

Pausing on a couple of occasions to cough, clear his throat, and drink some water, Tedros quipped: "Don't worry: It's not corona", prompting laughter. The organization also announced it's partnering with several tech platforms, including Google and Facebook, to stem the spread of misinformation about the virus.

Chinese officials are increasingly speaking out.

On Monday, China's leading management confessed "shortcomings and deficiencies" in the nation's feedback to the outbreak, which is thought to have actually come from Wuhan, Hubei district. We need science, not rumors.

Since the outbreak began, a number of misleading claims and hoaxes about the virus have circulated online.

The report had stoked fears that the outbreak could be much harder to control if people could spread the virus before they appeared sick.

The German government's public health agency wrote to the New England Journal of Medicine, which first falsely reported the case on Thursday, to correct the mistake.

Once the majority of contractors were confirmed to have had a travel history in China and the virus' human-to-human transmission was established, many countries halted traffic with China and geared up security provisions at airports and other entry points.

Asked why there have only between one death recorded overseas so far, in the Philippines, among some 153 cases, she said people travelling were probably not old with chronic disease, but younger people and people in good health.

"The mission is an worldwide technical mission led by WHO".

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