Weinstein rape accuser to face cross-examination at trial

Carla Harmon
February 3, 2020

Weinstein, 67, has insisted that any sexual encounters were consensual.

Note, more than 80 women nominated Harvey Weinstein charges. He is charged in NY with the 2013 rape and also sexually assaulting Mimi Haleyi, a former "Project Runway" production assistant, in 2006.

She told jurors that Weinstein could be charming but become furious in a flash.

During almost six hours of emotional testimony Friday, the woman recounted her allegedly abusive relationship with Weinstein, one she said was by turns compassionate and brutal.

Even then, "I wasn't happy to do it", she said.

The testimony comes at a pivotal moment in the trial of Weinstein, whose downfall energized the #MeToo movement. "(Weinstein) appreciated to tell me that Bill Clinton was his neighbour", Mann said. When they arrived, Mann said, Weinstein pulled her into a bedroom, leaving her friend outside.

Mann said that the second Weinstein realised she was seeing an actor, he "flipped me up from my chair". But when she again testified against Weinstein recently, she mentioned that Harvey was an intersex, and his genitals looked like a vagina.

She sobbed heavily as she went on to describe the alleged rape in detail.

Though she alleged Weinstein raped her in Los Angeles and NY - including the alleged 2013 Manhattan attack that prompted some of the charges for which he now stands trial - she also said they had several consensual sexual encounters. She said she begged him not to take off her clothes, but he said, "I don't have time for games", and ripped off her trousers before pushing her legs apart and raping her.

The alleged rape victim caused a stir Friday when, asked by a prosecutor to describe Weinstein's body, she said that when she first saw him naked, she noticed "extreme scarring" on his stomach and thought he had characteristics of both male and female genitalia.

On the stand Friday, Mann described an incident in which he forcibly performed oral sex on her, and she escaped by telling him it was the best she'd ever had.

A former actress who accused Harvey Weinstein of rape was "intimidated" by his extremely efficient connections after witnessing the producer take calls from former U.S. President Bill Clinton, a courtroom has heard. She says he brought her to the room he'd just booked, where he raped her.

Rotunno noted that Weinstein got Mann invited to parties, premieres and other entertainment industry events.

One of Weinstein's lawyers, Donna Rotunno, pressed Mann on Monday about her relationship with Weinstein.

At one point, Rotunno shot back: "You made a choice to have sexual encounters with Harvey Weinstein when you weren't sexually attracted to him ..." Mann explains: "His anger scared me".

"You were going to continue to do whatever you had to do to make that happen?" "He had a scar as from a burn, and nearly no testicles", said Mann in court.

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