United Kingdom must be able to set own laws, chief Brexit negotiator insists

Andrew Cummings
February 18, 2020

EU negotiators have said that for a Canada-style deal, Britain would have to adopt a level playing field with the bloc on state aid, environment, employment and other regulations to guard against unfair competition with the European single market.

"It is central to our vision that we must have the ability to set laws that suit us", Frost said.

David Frost is expected to set out the UK's stance ahead of post-Brexit trade negotiations, due to start next month.

United Kingdom chief Brexit negotiator David Frost will on Monday travel to Brussels to outline his country's vision for a post-Brexit trade deal.

"We're looking for a level playing field and they don't seem to want it", Hogan said in Brussels.

The BRC's comments followed the announcement that the Government would be introducing import controls on European Union goods at the border after the Brexit transition period ends on 31 December 2020, with trades in the United Kingdom and European Union forced to submit customs declarations and liable to goods checks.

He will also reiterate the government's insistence that it will not extend the transition period beyond the end of this year. The EU now has no separate free trade agreement with Australia, with the bilateral trade relationship now governed by World Trade Organization rules.

"In short, we only want what other independent countries have".

So the United Kingdom is pushing for something off the shelf, like the EU-Canada trade deal, which abolished most tariffs and made inroads into services, but which would still involve a significant degree of trade friction.

On Jan. 1, 2021, he said, "we recover our political and economic independence in full - why would we want to postpone it?"

"It is that the model of an FTA and the precedents contained in actual agreed FTAs are the most appropriate ones for the relationship of sovereign entities in highly sensitive areas relating to how their jurisdictions are governed and how their populations give consent to that government".

Mr Verhofstadt is urging Brussels decision makers to be open to the concept of "associate citizenship".

The EU has repeatedly warned that the United Kingdom can not expect to enjoy continued "high-quality" market access if it insists on diverging from EU social and environmental standards.

The UK left the European Union last month and the two sides will now start negotiating a new relationship from trade to security.

The comments came after French foreign minister Jean-Yves le Drian predicted a bruising battle on a post-Brexit deal.

"But that is part of negotiations, everyone will defend their own interests", he added.

David Frost, Britain's Brexit negotiator with the European Union, said on Monday that his country was prepared to accept an "Australia-style" free trade agreement if the EU was still doubtful about the terms of a potential deal.

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