UK Would Be 'Big Winners' From No-Deal Brexit - Brexit Party Member

Andrew Cummings
February 4, 2020

Boris Johnson has insisted that he has not banned the use of the word Brexit but that it is "receding behind us in history".

The EU and Britain open hostilities in Brexit's next bruising chapter on Monday, laying down red lines for a post-divorce future following the UK's dramatic exit from the bloc.

The EU would require "mechanisms to uphold the high standards we have in social, environmental climate, tax and state aid matters today, and in their future developments", said Barnier.

Johnson said he would not do that, in a speech that harked back to Britain's past trading successes, promising that his government would again be a champion of free trade and jealously guard his country's new-found "sovereignty".

Barnier said they aimed to negotiate a free trade agreement with zero tariffs and quotas.

"But we'll want to cooperate and we expect the European Union to follow through on their commitment to a Canada-style free trade agreement", he earlier told Sky News. But he claimed the choice was "emphatically not 'deal or no deal'".

At the moment, much of EU-Australia trade runs along basic World Trade Organization rules, though there are specific agreements for certain goods.

According to a leak seen by the Telegraph, Mr Barnier will demand that Britain signs up to Brussels benchmarks on standards because of its "geographic proximity and economic interdependence", as well as the threat of "unfair competition by undercutting".

If there is no deal by the end of 2020, and the United Kingdom refuses to extend the negotiating period, Britain faces an abrupt, disruptive economic break from the bloc - with tariffs and other obstacles to trade imposed immediately between the United Kingdom and the EU. The UK is the world's fifth largest economy and the European Union is its biggest trading partner.

It might be March before formal trade talks between the two sides commence, as the EU27 need to agree a joint position.

"To deliberately hollow out our trade is nothing short of a scorched earth policy for Britain's economy".

"That agreement on fisheries will be inextricably linked to the trade agreement", he said.

This totally contradicted the Political Agreement he signed along with the Withdrawal Agreement previous year.

If Brexit is a success, there would be a queue to the door of countries wanting to leave the European Union, then that would see the end of the European Union, certainly, in the shape we know it at the moment - we're not very far away from that.

"The UK will maintain the highest standards in these areas - better, in many respects, than those of the European Union - without the compulsion of a treaty and it is vital to stress this now", said Johnson.

EU's Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier held a news conference on Monday morning setting out the European Commission's plans for negotiations with Britain, in Brussels, Belgium.

Businesses will have to take the same steps to prepare for the end of the Brexit transition period whether Britain strikes the Canada-style trade deal it is seeking, or a less comprehensive deal, Mr Johnson's spokesman said.

We have those two things conflicting a little bit with each other, and I suspect that the result of that will be that we will only get the bare bones of a free trade agreement in place by the end of this year, but that won't be too bad, and I don't think that would be an terrible result.

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