The broom challenge: Tweets and myths sweep social media

Pablo Tucker
February 13, 2020

However, brooms can stand up by themselves if they are balanced right, according to CBS 2.

Brooms have a low center of gravity and the ability to balance on their bristles is not something new. If yes, you might already know the answer why but for those living under a rock, here's what's trending in social media today: a broom standing on its own!

And Fifth Harmony alumna Ally Brooke was both shocked and excited to see the challenge done successfully in a video she shared on Twitter. "I didn't believe it at first but OMG", one Twitter user wrote, along with a photo of their broom.

As this balancing act is not directly affected by the earth's gravitational pull, the secret to making a broom stand up on its own is merely patience and a delicate touch.

The sad thing is the above video is from 2012, so this broom standing thing has come and gone once or twice before.

"Pajama broom challenge. What are you doing on a Monday Night?!"

While showing the broom standing up on its head by itself Drew simply says "It's just physics". "You can do this any day", he said. You may want to pick the broom up and place it back on the floor several times trying to adjust the balance and weight on the bristles equally.

People quickly took Twitter on February 10, one of the days it worked, to show their brooms upright.

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