Tesla Cybertruck Launching In December … As An R/C Hot Wheels Toy

Yolanda Curtis
February 25, 2020

The 1:64 scale won't have any of those features, of course, except for the options for Chill or Sport mode. One is 1:64 scale model at just 24$, and the second is a larger one, 1:10 scale version for a whopping 400$.

This remote control Cybertruck is the only way to pilot a Cybertruck in 2020.

Both of the models were designed the help of Tesla. But the Cybertruck for ants will be able to fit on Hot Wheels race tracks, which is something.

First up, the product is described on Mattel's website as "hobby grade radio-controlled vehicle that is off-road and rugged terrain capable".

The smaller model is a basic Hot Wheels R/C with two driving modes, "Chill" and "Sport", just like the real deal. After watching the RC Cybertruck strut its stuff, including, quite adorably, its "insane towing capacity", the even tinier version-presumably made for ants at 1:64 scale-shows up for what is certainly the best automotive version of the "never talk to me or my son again" meme. "Now, anybody can get "behind the wheel" of the Truck of the Future".

The Hot Wheels toys feature rechargeable batteries. But pre-orders are available on Matte's website. The limited edition of Cybertruck comes with a reusable cracked window tag to commemorate the infamous window test during the debut of the electric van. Final New Zealand pricing is yet to be announced but the Cybertruck carries an American starting price of US$39,900.

In November of past year, Elon Musk unveiled Tesla's latest vehicle, the Cybertruck, which many considered to be groundbreaking-or at the very least, window-breaking. If the Model Y is to have more demand than all other vehicles combined, we should remember how much that now represents.

We can expect to see other auto makers introduce similar functionality into various electric utility truck models, and all will have a superior ability to deal with the demanding needs of towing heavy loads.

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